This is a very basic stripped-down version of the live set/loop generator/songwriting template that I've spent years developing, the original uses 1000s of samples, I've kept this one fairly simple for now...


(21.78Mb ZIP file)

I presume you have an understanding of follow actions (most important!), also automation envelopes, dummy clips and audio routing... it's all in the manual and there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. It works with most genres of dance music, or you can just invent your own...

Most tracks have follow actions set to 'other' with the duration set at 8, 16 or 32 bars, except for track 4 (Bass/Melody) which is the bit we're interested in...

Expand track 4 (Bass/Melody) and you'll see two tracks, Moldyloops and Luper. The Moldyloops track contains 21 1-bar loops with follow actions set to 0/2/0 or 0/3/0. This is routed to the Luper track which utilizes the Super Luper (a beat repeat effect) which gives you a new 1-bar loop... note the dummy clips labelled 4, 8, 16 and 32 bars, these reset the Super Luper as the clip is triggered, giving you a new 1-bar loop every so many bars. (Note there are no follow actions on these clips).

The fun really starts when you add your own sounds and loops, to start with try throwing in a bunch at random to the Moldyloops track and set the follow actions really fast, like 0/0/1 or 0/0/2 (1/16 and 1/8th bar). Then start adding your own sounds to the other tracks. Experiment!

APC40 users, there's a macro with 8 effects on the master channel, plus I've added a Super Luper to each of tracks 1 to 4, mapped to the pan knobs 1 to 4.

The other point of interest - the Bass/Melody track is sent to return track C (Corpus Sub-bass) to add a sub-bass layer.

I haven't paid much attention to the overall mix, compressor settings etc, you'll be using your own samples anyway...

Hopefully that all made sense, feel free to message me if you get stuck or if you come up with any improvements!

This is an ongoing project which I've spent a lot of time working on, so if you find it useful you're welcome to buy me a coffee! (Paypal & social media links below)... Support independent underground artists! Thanks!

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